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Welcome to the Metro Fitness Swim Program!

Here at Metro Fitness we teach lessons seven days a week and offer a wide variety of swim lesson types to fit any need! Our instructors are well versed to teach all ages and skill levels. We offer Private and Group Lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. We also have Swim Team Training classes for those kids looking to try out for a swim team or those kids that are already on swim team and might be looking to make some improvements. We also offer private lessons for adults.

Scroll down and click on the appropriate links for more information about all the types of swim lessons! Or contact us via Phone: 614-761-3355 or Email: doug.schart@metrofitnessohio.com to ask any questions or to  enroll today!


Metro Fitness Group Swim Lessons

Sign Up for the NEXT SESSION!!!: Group Lessons 6/24 – 7/28


*Times of group lesson occasionally change after release of schedule. Call to verify*



Maximum class size is:

4 students for IPAP – LV 1 – LV 2

5 students for LV 3 – LV 4

4 students for ADULT

-Call to get help with identifying your child’s level-

Infant Preschool Aquatics Program (IPAP): Under 3 years old. Parents participate in the water with their child.

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills: Child must: Be at least 3 years old.

Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills: Child must: 1. Enter the water unassisted. (Jumping in not required) 2. Float on front and back unassisted but with floatation device. 3. Submerge voluntarily by putting face in water. 4. Be mobile without holding onto lane line/side of pool/instructor. (Use of floatation device is ok)

Level 3: Stroke Development: Child must: 1. Float on front and back without floatation device. 2. Submerge voluntarily by jumping in the water and diving for pool toys on the bottom. 3. Arm circles with kickboard and proper breathing. 4. Kick full length of the pool with kickboard and proper breathing.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement: Child must: 1. Be able to swim a full length of the pool, 25 meters, using both freestyle and backstroke technique with no equipment or assistance. 2. Kick off the wall using a dolphin kick.

ADULT: For any over age 21 person. We do not offer Private or Semi-Private lessons for Adults, only the group class



classes/week                   Price

1                                            $110

2                                            $200

3                                            $270


Classes are offered on different days and times throughout the week. Participants can enroll in 1-3 classes/week, depending on availability. All classes are 30 minutes. Students will be evaluated at the beginning and end of each session. When necessary, students will be moved to appropriate course level for their skills.

Make-Up Classes If a child must miss a class, they may be able to schedule a make-up lesson during the same session, only if there are openings in other class times of the same ability level. It is necessary to sign-up for the make-up lesson, either in person or over the phone, with the service desk. Make up lessons are not offered during the first week of a session. If all lessons time are full, it may not always be possible to schedule a make-up lesson, therefore; we ask that you attend your scheduled lesson whenever possible.


Metro Fitness Swim Team Training

Swim Team Training, with Coach Ryan Taylor

Every parent with a child in sports knows that it can be challenging to get real, one-on-one attention from a coach – especially when there’s dozens of other kids on the team.

When your child is ready to take swimming more seriously, with a focus on competition, one-size-fits-all coaching isn’t going to make the cut. Join this 60 minute class where I work with swimmers in small groups on everything from their strokes and turns to meet preparation, mental toughness, and race strategy depending on their level.

This class if for children either already on a swim team or looking to try out for a swim team, participants must know all of the major strokes to be in this class. Contact Metro Fitness and ask about the program to get started!

Class Length: 60 minutes

Same 5 week schedule as the Group Lessons.


1 class per week: $250.00

2 classes per week: $399.00

Class Times

Wednesday 6:00pm-7:00pm

Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm

Metro Fitness Private Swim Lessons

Metro Fitness offers private and semi-private swim instruction for children of all ages seven days a week. Private lessons may be purchased in a package of 4 lessons. Prices are per swimmer.

Clients have five (5) weeks to complete the 4 lesson package. So make sure you schedule for a time that you are able to make.

Communicate with staff about extended absences to make accommodations.

To schedule private lessons contact the Aquatic Specialist on Duty at 614-761-3355. Very limited availability.

Private Package Price:

4 Lessons $260.00

Semi-Private Package Price:

4 Lessons $ 170.00


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