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American Red Cross Swim Lessons


Current Session: Group Lesson Schedule 2-3-2020 to 3-8-2020


SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT SESSION!!!!: Group Lesson Schedule 3-9-2020 to 4/12/2020


Call: 614-761-3355 or Email: doug.schart@metrofitnessohio.com to enroll today!



Maximum class size is 4 students

Classes offered 7 days a week  mornings, afternoons and evenings

Infant Preschool Aquatics Program (IPAP) Ages 2 years – 4 years This course teaches water safety knowledge, water adjustment, swimming readiness skills, fun in the water and participant socialization. Parents participate in the water with their child.  Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills This course provides aquatic orientation safety skills. Your child will learn supported floating and kicking on their front and back, alternating arm action, moving through the water, holding their breath under water and comfortably submerging their face. Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills Your swimmer will expand on fundamental aquatic skills, floating and locomotion, combined stroke on front and back as well as personal safety, and be introduced to treading water, and jumping into water. Level 3: Stroke Development This course increases swimming competency of backstroke, and freestyle with rotary breathing.  Students learn breaststroke kick, butterfly kick and body motion as well as personal safety and rescue skills. Level 4: Stroke Improvement In this course we will introduce and develop breaststroke and sidestroke and butterfly while refining freestyle and backstroke increasing endurance, confidence, and safety skills. Levels 5/6: Stroke Refinement, Advance Skills and Proficiency Introduces flip turns and survival swimming. The swimmer will develop maximum efficiency, endurance for all strokes and treading water.  Training techniques and Cooper 12 minute swim test are introduced.



classes/week                   Price

1                                            $100

2                                            $160

3                                            $195


Classes are offered different days and times throughout the week. Participants can enroll in 1-4 classes/week. All classes are 30 minutes. To achieve good retention, we encourage swimmers to enroll in at least 2 lessons per week. Students will be evaluated at the beginning and end of each session. When necessary, students will be moved to appropriate course level for their skills.

Make-Up Classes If a child must miss a class, they may be able to schedule a  make-up lesson during the same session, only if there are openeings in other class times of the same ability level. It is necessary to sign-up for the make-up lesson at the service desk. Make up lessons are not offered during the first week of a session. It may not alwys be possible to schedule a make-up lesson, therefore; we ask that you attend your schedules lesson when possible.



Lil’ Bucks: Level 4 above; 8 years and under This program is ideal for children who are anxious for a taste of what competitive swimming is all about! Learn competitive strokes and turns without the competition. Swimmers may participate in just a conditioning session or a combination of level 4 or above swim lessons along with workouts. This class lasts 45 minutes.


LIL’ BUCKS PRICE SCHEDULE- 45 min workouts:

Price:   1/per week        $129                      2/per week          $200

Buckeye/Gray: Ages 8 and above

Swimmers have learned the fundamentals of swimming and competition strokes. Participants emphasize technique, conditioning and endurance. This class lasts 60 minutes.


B/G PRICE SCHEDULE- 60 min workouts:

Price: 1/per week                      $168                             2/per week                  $260

Metro Fitness Private Swim Lessons

Metro Fitness offers private and semi–private swim instruction for children and adults seven days a week. Mornings, afternoons and evenings lesson times are available. Private lessons may be purchased in packages of 5 or 10 lessons. Prices are per swimmer, semi–private lessons receive a discount on each swimmer. To schedule private lessons contact the Aquatic Specialist on Duty at 614-761-3355.

Private Package Price:

5 Lessons $170.00

10 Lessons $270.00

Semi-Private Package Price:

5 Lessons $ 135.00

10 Lessons $ 220.00

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