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Dear Valued Member,


Thank you for your patience, just like everyone else we are trying to keep up with the news of the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been working diligently to work through this unprecedented series of events and doing our best to come up with a solution for the time our gyms have been forced to close. Please take a second to read our thoughts below and know that even though we are closed and won’t be answering the phones at the gym you can always go to our website, www.metrofitnessohio.com, and contact us via email with any questions.


We understand that some of our members may be experiencing financial hardship during this time, and we do not wish to contribute to this burden. That said, many of our members have expressed to us that they wish to keep paying their dues in order to assure that we will reopen when this is over. As independent small businesses (each gym is individually owned and operated), without a large corporate structure to rely upon, we are carefully examining every avenue to do right by you, the member, and to ensure that we are still here to service you when this is over. To that end, any revenue that we can generate while we are closed is extremely helpful, so if you can afford to do so, we would appreciate you keeping your membership active, but if you would like to freeze or cancel we understand and will be happy to accommodate.


All requests for cancellation and freezes must be submitted via email ONLY. Again, our website is, www.metrofitnessohio.com, and you can find our contact information there.




If you wish to keep your membership active, do nothing. When this is over, contact us and we will evaluate the length of the closure and work with members to establish a system of credits that can be issued toward future membership dues or other goods and services.


If you wish to FREEZE your membership, ensuring that your dues payments resume when this is over without new enrollment or start-up fees, please submit an email with the subject line ‘Membership Freeze Request’ using the ‘contact us form’ on our website. We will freeze your membership and lower your monthly dues to the standard $5 per member FREEZE fee. When we reopen, we will reactivate you automatically, and your regular dues will resume.


If you wish to CANCEL your membership, please submit an email to the applicable address with the subject line ‘Membership Cancel Request’. Please be advised that if you request cancellation, we will consider your existing Membership Agreement terminated, and you will be subject to new membership rates and start-up fees if you choose to rejoin when we reopen.


Please understand that this will be a process of several days, if not weeks. We will be subject to long waiting times for the processing of any requests as many gyms share the same billing company and we will all be asking for services. We also have a limited staff while this is going on, but rest assured any and all billing corrections and/or necessary refunds will be made in due course. Please do not panic if we bill you after your request. We will correct it.


From our little Metro Fitness family to yours, stay healthy and we will see you soon!






Group Exercise classes vary by location.  Please check your gym’s home page for schedule details before attending a class.

For 30 years Metro Fitness has lead the Columbus community in the fitness industry. Visit any of our four locations for a fun, friendly and inviting experience that caters to your fitness needs. Come join our Metro Fitness family and thrive in an atmosphere that is unparalleled to any other in Central Ohio.

Love to teach? We are looking for fun, energetic and motivating group fitness instructors.  Join our team at any of our locations.  If interested send email to tina@metrofitnessohio.com.



LEVEL 2 – All group fitness classes and swim lessons canceled.

LEVEL 3 – Gym Closed.

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